You may have heard about something we’re doing at 98.1 The Hawk called "Letters of Love."  These are letters of encouragement written by you and given to anonymous people in our community who need love and support as they face various life obstacles.

In light of the events of Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Letters of Love will be expanded to include the people of Newtown, Connecticut.  From now until December 28th, all Letters of Love received will be sent to Sandy Hook Elementary School.  This is our little way to let them know we love them and are holding them in our hearts.

You may submit a letter through the form below or mail/drop one off at:

98.1 The Hawk Letters of Love
59 Court Street
Binghamton, NY 13901

All letters will be reviewed before being sent. If you would like to include a drawing or small gift such as a teddy bear, we’ll take care of mailing it for you as long as you bring it with your letter.

Please remember a few guidelines:

  • Letters may not include negative writing. Any letters received that include depressing content will be destroyed.
  • Now is not the time to include political thoughts in your Letters of Love to Sandy Hook.