According to TMZ, the grandson of country legend legend Hank Williams says his family's blood runs red, white and blue and that's why only a true American should ever play Hank in a movie.

Hank Williams will be the subject of a new biopic starring Tom Hiddleston in the lead role. ‘I Saw the Light’ will follow Hank Williams' rise to stardom and the effects of years of substance abuse that ended his life at the young age of 29.

Well, the some in the family aren't too thrilled about the actor selected to portray Hank. Hank Williams III says that producers have destroyed the film by casting Tom Hiddleston, a British actor best known for his role as Loki in "The Avengers."

Tom Hiddleston photo by Jason Merritt-Getty Images

Hank Williams III says producers should have given the role to Matthew McConaughey because Matthew represents the South in both the movies and real life and says producers only needed to watch Matthew’s role in ‘The Dallas Buyers Club’ to see the proof.

Hank Williams died on January 1, 1953.