April 16, 2013 is a day that none of us will ever forget. That’s the day Boston was attacked and lives were both taken and changed forever.

My family was in Boston the day of the bombing as my dad was receiving cancer treatment at Dana Farber.  They were literally only a block away from where the bombs went off. In the months since, my parents have returned to the hospital in Boston and each time, my Mom has shared stories with me of the injured bombing victims who filled the rooms there. And the stories made me cry. Kids missing arms and legs, others missing eyes and other parts of their body.  It's all just so sad.

100 days after he lost his leg in the Boston Marathon bombing, Marc Fucarile has left Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. Marc is the last of the injured to return home, where he hasn't been in early three months.

Marc isn’t completely out of the woods yet. The 34-year-old roofer and father of a five-year-old boy still has shrapnel from the pressure cooker bomb in his heart and he faces massive medical bills. Money from One Fund Boston, which raised nearly $61 million for the victims, will help, but they won't cover all his bills.

Marc says, "I don't know what my outcome's going to be when I get out of here and what kinds of bills I'm going to have. And that's starting to stress me out."