I adore penguins. Which is why it's pretty awesome that my friends at the Binghamton Zoo gave me the chance to go into the penguin housing unit and spend time with the little guys. That was hands down one of the coolest things I've ever had the chance to do.

If you're a penguin lover like me, or a humanitarian who cares about the well-being of all creatures and can knit, this is something you might consider doing.

The Penguin Foundation is asking people who can knit to make sweaters for penguins that have been caught in major oil spills. The pullovers are needed to help the penguins stay warm and to stop them from using their beaks to clean off the oil themselves. And if you're thinking you have to be a knitting master to make pengiun sweaters, think again! The Penguin Foundation says the sweaters are easy to make and they'll even provide patterns to help you out.