Getty Sports Rob Carr

It was a really good year if you're a Redskin fan.  They won the division, going from worst to first.  RGIII was named Rookie of the Year. He got knocked out of the Seattle playoff game (which wasn't good) but appears to be ahead of schedule in his rehab (which is great.)  The other rookie QB, Kirk Cousins, won two games for the Skins when RGIII was hurt. Speaking of Kirk.

Here's had quite the interesting year off the field. In December, he accidentally got a buzz cut when the lady who cut his hair didn't understand English very well.  When she was done, it was a Mohawk. Kirk knew he didn't want that so he had her make it into a buzz cut.  You can read about the rest of the story here.

Here's the latest thing that happened to Kirk from last week.  All the NFL players know when they enter the league that they'll be randomly drug tested at any time or location year round. But that didn't stop Kirk from being a little surprised when a collector showed up at his grandmother's house. That couldn't have been fun.  He even tweeted about it saying "NFL's off-season drug testing at my grandma's town-home! I'm all for a clean game but weird having a stranger watch u in your own bathroom."

Let's hope the tester at least waited til after dinner time.  I guess that's why they call it "random" drug testing.