My Tara is quite the innovative person.  She wanted to help Mommy out because she wasn't feeling well.  Tara decided to mop the floor so that Mommy wouldn't have to.

It started out fine.  We got out the bucket, mop and liquid detergent. We put warm water in the bucket with the detergent and she proceeded to clean the floor.  When she got done, Tara asked me to fetch her a towel and some Duct tape. I had no idea what the tape could possibly be for and she wouldn't tell me.  I got it and she asked me to rip off two long strips of Duct tape for her.  She took the 2 pieces of tape and made them into a big circle and stuck them on the towel.  If you look at the picture, you'll see that she put her feet into the circle of tape. She walked across the kitchen and dryed it with what I call a "Foot Towel."

After we were done, Tara asked if she could keep the bucket and would I put away the mop.  Ahhhh, the confusion continues. She then brought down her clothes into the living room to wash them......Isn't that where everyone washes their stuff?  I asked her why she was doing that. Tara said because Mommy was sick and she didn't want Mom to worry about washing her clothes later.  She then proceeded to put her clothes into the bucket, scrub them and then place them on the towel to dry.  She did a wonderful job especially for an 8 year old.

I told Tara that we needed to let Mom know what a great thing she was doing.  She said that she wanted it to be a surprise.  Well Dawn (mom) wanted to knows why Tara's clothes were a little damp and sudsy.  Now she knows, SURPRISE.  By the way, she used the same water to wash her clothes that she used to wash the floor.  That's what happens when Daddy's in charge.