Keith Urban recently sat down with Rolling Stone Country for a question and answer in which he opened up about his struggles with addiction and how Nicole Kidman played a major role in his path to sobriety.

Keith talked about the album cover of 2006’s Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing and mentioned that it’s a permanent reminder of how desperate he was at the time the picture was taken. He wasn’t in a recovery program, in AA, didn’t have a sponsor, but wishes that he had because not long after the cover picture was taken everything in his life started to come undone.

In the article, Keith mentions that Nicole Kidman was the one who called an intervention and he realized how badly he needed one. Keith credits Nicole for his recovery, but says says that being away from her was traumatic at the most vulnerable time in his recovery and that since he’s gotten back on the right track they’ve not gone more than a few days without being together and that they Skype when they’re apart.

You can read Keith’s entire article here.