You've gone and cut down your tree or you've gotten one at your local Christmas tree store.  Now you want to keep your tree fresh through Christmas.

I was at Kodey's Tree Farm and while I was there I got some tips to help me out.  If you're not ready to put your tree up in your house, you can still get it now.  Just make sure you keep it in a shady area outside of your house.  According to Joe, it's the warmth of the house that causes the needles to drop. If your not going to put your tree in your tree stand within 24 hours, re-cut the bottom of the tree before putting it in.

If you get your tree and it's frozen, then place tree in garage overnight.  If you're wondering what to give your tree once it's up, try 1 tablespoon of sugar to one gallon of water and bring to a boil.  After it cools, put your mixture in your tree stand.  You can also use 7-up or ginger ale.  As always if you're not sure, get a hold of your local Christmas tree professional and they can answer any question you may have.

And after all this, if your still having a problem with your tree.  Do what many have done and buy an artificial one.