I would imagine that all parents at one time or another have lost their child, even if only for a moment. It

might be in a department store, amusement park or at a ballgame. It's happened to me and I remember thinking, what would I do if I couldn't  find my daughter? I recall the way my stomach ached even though it was just for a fleeting second.  I found her right away but for a short period of time, there was some anxiety.

Well, here's one

thing all parents can do to give them some peace of mind. It's the 'Keeping Kids Safe Project' this Friday and Saturday at Feduke Ford in Vestal.  It runs Friday 2-6 and Saturday 10-4. They'll provide free

fingerprints and photographs for the kids.  There'll be safety information and entertainment for all.  If your child is missing, you can use the records to help instantly in an investigation.

I took advantage of this in the past.  It's nice to know I have the information if I ever need it.  I also liked having the picture of my daughter to have as a keepsake as she got older. So take the time this Friday or Saturday to stop by this event. You'll be happy you did.