Kacey Musgraves is just one of many celebrities who stand behind the charity initiative 1000 Whistles.

1000 Whistles is the brainchild of 25 year-old-Alison Tavel, a resident of LA via Ohio. Alison has been wearing a whistle around her neck for almost four years and when people ask her why she wears it, she tells them that the whistle is for peace in Congo. She tells them the heart-wrenching story of child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where children are abducted from their homes and forced to fight in civil unrest between two rebel groups. Children who can't carry guns are armed only with whistles and sent to the front lines, where they whistle when the enemy is spotted. These children are the first to be killed in battle and their bodies are used as human shields for their army to fight behind in battle.

More than six million people have died as a result of the ongoing war in Congo and to show her support for the end of such senseless violence, Kacey Musgraves has designed a new whistle for 1000 Whistles and is hosting a photo contest for your chance to win her custom whistle. Buy your own and submit a photo via Twitter or Instagram, and Kacey will choose the winner on March 24th.