John Travolta crashed someone's wedding....I don't mean literally, he showed up at one without being formally invited. Unlike most of us, the couple didn't mind that he came there uninvited (and without a gift.)

Depending on the report you believe, John was in town getting his pilot’s license renewed or he was donating a classic plane to a museum. Either way he met the wedding party at a bar the night before the big day. The actor posed for pictures with the group that night, but then turned up again the next day to take photos with them and the wedding party. John was wearing a black t-shirt, hat and jeans as he smiled for the camera alongside the newlyweds, as well as all 10 bridesmaids and groomsmen. News

The closest I ever got to doing something like that was the time I was at a wedding at the Owego Treadway.   There was another wedding reception going on in one of the other banquet rooms.  At this one, they were video taping messages to the bride and groom.  I had no idea who it was but I got in line anyway.  I wished them both good luck and that 'EVERYONE' loves the bride (wink).

So if you have a video tape of someone wishing you good luck and that we've all loved the bride, I hope you're still together.  If your not, I hope it wasn't because of me.