Congratulations to Carl Edwards.  On Sunday, he snapped his 70 race win-less streak when he won the Subway Fresh Fit 500 in Phoenix. I missed his backward flip off his car after the race, nice to see he can still do it.  However not everybody is happy with him.

According to Jimmie Johnson, during the last green-white-checkered start,  Carl Edwards didn't have a clean restart. Jimmy accused Carl of not maintaining the speed of the pace car. Jimmie would go on to say that he thought Carl had bad restarts on the final two restarts and he's s done it in previous races.

Johnson this to say after the race: "I felt like Carl didn't follow the restart protocol and was slower than the pace car on his last two restarts and it gives the leader a huge advantage when that happens, you're supposed to wait until you get between the two lines and take off and this was all going on before it."

Edwards saw it differently. He thought it was Johnson who was trying to play games with him.  This is what Carl said "Usually the guy in second hangs back a little bit and tries to watch, and he pulled up there, and I thought, man, why is he doing that, so maybe I was slowing down, but I wasn't trying to. I thought he was speeding up, and I thought it was pretty genius what he was doing because he kind of got me off of my game."

No matter whose fault it may have been. It still was a very good day for Jimmie Johnson.  He finished 2nd after winning the Daytona 500 the week before.  He is the points leader with a 8 point lead over Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Brad Keslowski.  The boys and girl of NASCAR will be in Las Vegas this weekend.

Do you think Carl Edwards had a clean restart or is Jimmie just bitter?