"Aubrey Amelia Bedelia Chloe." How that for a name for a donkey? Well, that's the name my 5-year-old niece Kayleigh has picked out for the donkey she'll be getting.

That's right- my niece Kayleigh who has three dogs, a bunny, pigs, chickens and a miniature horse will be adding a donkey to her mini zoo. Why? Nobody knows for sure, but when asked what animal she wanted next, she was firm about getting a donkey.

Not long after Kayleigh decided she wanted a donkey and that the donkey would be named "Aubrey Amelia Bedelia Chloe" I got a call from John Davison who was laughing hysterically as played for me Jerrod Niemann's newest song called "Donkey."  Neither of us could stop laughing at the timing and the words to the song in which Jerrod sings: "Gonna ride that donkey donkey out to the Honky Tonky. Its gonna get funky funky ow, ow."

I immediately had to call my niece and sing the chorus of "Donkey" to her. She liked it the first 100 times, but I think maybe I've over-killed it by singing it to her every time I talked to her because now when my sister and I are on the phone, I can hear Kayeligh in the background saying "don't put her on the phone mommy- I don't want her to sing that donkey song to me anymore."

I can't get enough of "Donkey" and have been searching for it ever since hearing the clip that John played for me, but Jerrod has kept it under a tight lock so it looks like I'll have to wait until March 25th when Jerrod's new album "High Noon" is released.

In the meantime, I found this video of Jerrod performing "Donkey" at a show last Saturday.  It's the most ridiculously bad song I've heard in a long time. And I love it.