There's a lot to love about Jennifer Nettles.  Cover girl Jennifer is the subject of the March issue of 'Redbook' on stands February 11th. Already people are talking about it. In an eye-opening article, Jen fans will meet a relaxed side of the Sugarland singer.

Among other things, Jennifer discusses taking risks on her new solo album, being a strong woman and wise-cracking mom, loving wine in the afternoon and even her love of sweets.

Here are a few quotes from a great 'Redbook' article:

On her first solo album, That Girl, hitting number-one on the country charts:

"It makes me feel vulnerable to put myself out there is a new way. You hope your fans have evolved with you and that the music will gain new fans too! You do your best, but you never know. The warm and positive response to this album has been simultaneously inspiring, motivating, and a relief. Now I want to get out there and give the fans a beautiful and intimate performance of these songs live on tour."

On being in the spotlight:

 "Perfectionism is really a challenge for me, and it causes me to be super-critical of myself in so many ways: about body image constantly; about parenting; about being a mother. For me, that's still my most important job, ever, and I don't want to mess it up. And yet, there's no perfect way to do it! You know?  It's important to have an examined life—but it's a fine line between having an examined life and being hypercritical of oneself. There has to be balance in there somewhere. I haven't found it yet. When I do, I'll let you know."

On why she loved Miranda Lambert's tweet, "Knowing what you want doesn't make you a *itch":

 “I think that we are so challenged as women to be everything, and do everything, and make it look easy. Also to speak our minds, but not be *itchy.  All these things are, quite frankly, impossible to achieve. So knowing what we want—no, it doesn't make us a bitch. It makes us know what we want, plain and simple."

On an Instagramming her favorite snacks:

 "Like the chocolate bar with the giant glob of peanut butter? I have a sweet tooth the size of Connecticut. It's a problem. I think about it all the time. If only popcorn was what I wanted!  I do love a good salt-and-vinegar chip, but I like to follow it with a brownie!"