Most fans of ‘SNL’ already had a sneaking suspicion that Jason Sudeikis wouldn’t be giving the show another go around next season, but now that news has been confirmed by the star himself. Jason has announced that he won’t be returning to Saturday Night Live next season.

In a Late Show interview that aired last night,  Jason said, "A person can go as long as they want- I mean, Lorne [Michaels has] been kicking butt at it for 33 out of the 38 years. But me, yeah, no- I’m definitely done."

Jason was on Saturday Night Live for 10 years and his departure follows both Bill Hader and Fred Armisen, who also left after last season.

You know what I think would be cool for the directors of SNL do while they’re searching for guys to replace the ones who’ve left?  I think it’d be cool to see a return of some of the stars who got their start on Saturday Night Life.  Of course, the studio would have to shell out big bucks to nab them, but it’d be nice to walk down memory lane again.