I was amongst 20,000 plus people who were at The Jason Aldean concert last night and all I have to say is WOW! WHAT A SHOW! Bethel Woods Center For The Arts is a beautiful venue. I was pretty close to the stage thanks to a few swift clicks of my mouse but, even the lawn seats offer incredible experience.  I did not get there in time to check out opening act Rachel Farley due to the tremendous hike I had to make to get into the venue. The parking was packed.

Once inside Luke Bryan was on stage. during his set he pumped up the crowd with all his current hits. During "Country Girl (Shake It For Me) the camera man zoomed on many young fans dancing in the crowd. He even brought up a young man and taught him how to "shake it" on stage! After Luke there was a brief intermission while the stage was changed and we were entertained with DJ Snow. Jason Aldean took the stage like a freight train! Fog and light show ON OVERDRIVE! Jason Aldean played all of his hits as well, all while slapping fans hands and pumping up the crowd. Bethel woods was a madhouse! Jason even covered Kid Rocks "Cowboy" complete with the sound effect from the talk box hooked up to the guitar. It was a great night with old and new friends. I just felt kinda sorry for the clean up crew. After that big of an all out party there was a bit of a mess!