Jack Klugman, the messy one in TV's, "The Odd Couple" and the crime fighting coroner in "Quincy M.E" died on Monday at the age of 90.Jack was at his brother, David, and their families for Christmas.  He apparently died suddenly and they were not sure of the exact cause.  Jack came to stardom, when he played Oscar Madison in the TV version of "The Odd Couple" in the early 70's.  He found success again in the 80's when he played Quincy in "Quincy M.E."  He also lost his voice in the 80's to throat cancer and taught himself to speak again.

He was responsible for Brett Sommers playing such a big part of the show "Match Game" in the 70's.  Jack was a guest panelist on the show. He suggested that his wife, Brett, be on the show as well.  The producers from Match Game brought her on.  Jack lasted for a couple of shows before he went on to other things.  Brett stayed on the show for it's run in the 70's and she returned to the middle top spot when Match Game made another run in the 90's.

Jack's brother, David, said "His sons loved him very much and we'll carry on in his spirit."