I don't own a Keurig Coffee Maker. I usually just stop to see my favorite baristas on Upper Front Street when I need my caffeine. One of my friends at work uses that kind of coffee maker and had brought in some k-cups for us to use(thanks Ciara!). I was drawn to one K-Cup in particular because of its name. Revv Pulse. It contains Ginseng and Guarana. These additives usually make anything they are in a little bitter to taste, but it's coffee... I needed coffee. I popped one in and let it fill the cup. WOW is all i have to say. Tasted great and kick was pretty good! Now keep in mind I drink a Trenta Iced Coffee with five shots of espresso, so not much really phases me. I can only imagine that to the normal person that would have made you crawl the walls. I am impressed. with the coffee and the Keurig!