How did I miss this? This one is for the men. It happens the 2nd week in January. It's Manwatcher's Week. Here's a little help for the men. Do you want to be watched? Then DON'T do this.

5) Don't comb the long strands of your remaining hair across the top of your head.

4) Don't trim your nose hairs with a crab fork. Ouch and yuck.

3) Don't put on the whole bottle of Old Spice or Aqua Velva before you go out.

2) Don't eat a full can of beans and chili before church. You don't want to put the pew into pew.

1) Just because it itches, doesn't mean you should scratch it in front of the ladies...if you're watching sports with your boy buddies, maybe.

Remember no stalking.....ok maybe just a little. So ladies, who was the last man to catch your eye? Let us know.