April is Christmas Tree month. The kind of tree you have and ornaments that you put on it, say a lot about you. Here's what it it could mean for you:


Red balls only: You wished you lived in a department store.

Strung Popcorn: You have too much time on your hands.

Homemade ornaments: You have lots of children (Without a doubt, these are my favorites).

Christmas Tree:

Cutoff top: You forgot to measure the tree.

Vague evergreen smell: You bought a healthy tree.

Strong evergreen smell: You sprayed it with Pine-Sol.

Smelly tree: Check it for dead birds.

Don't forget to stop by G & T Tree Emporium in downtown Triangle today only. Get there early for the best selection.  Tag your tree, sled and ax now. Pick out your tree now while the weather is warm.