Your company owes you almost a $5,000 raise, OR MORE.  They're almost definitely not going to give it to you, but they owe it to you. According to a new study by triple-A, the average American will spend about $4,600 commuting to work this year. Here's how that breaks down:  Based on gas, insurance, and maintenance costs, each mile you drive costs you 61 cents. The average commute is 16 miles each way.  So that's $19.52 per day.  And over the course of the work year, that comes out to $4,587.20. If you drive an SUV, your costs are 77 cents per mile, so it'll cost you $5,790.40 to commute this year . . . about $1,200 more than a regular car. Over the course of a full year, if you drive a standard 15,000 miles, your car costs you $9,150.