It's over... The company is in ruins and it's gonna be just a couple short years before its gone. That's my prediction anyway... See the brand name is doomed. Why, you ask? Because the brand name alone now represents the torture of animals to most of the animal loving population. If you care about whales, you hate Sea World. End of story.

Wall Street has even stepped away from Sea World to save face, Sea World's stock is down 45% and 1.6 billion in the market cap... evaporated. In addition to that, customer count continues to drop by a little more that 4% every 6 months!

You've already witnessed the internet drive a shutdown campaign with sites like The Oceanic Preservation Society and making it their full time job to shut Sea World down. Of course with Sea Word responding with a complete lack of ability to respond to any adversity making it easier to take them down. It will be gone within no time.

How would you feel if Sea World vanished? Do you want them gone, or would you like to see them flip and become one of the most powerful advocates for proper treatment of Orcas in captivity??