So yesterday, I was talking about "Where has the time gone."  It turns out that I'm not the only one thinking about time.  2 physicists did a study to prove Time Travel exists. How did they do?

Robert Nemiroff and Teresa Wilson are physicists at Michigan Tech University. They ran a study trying to prove Time Travel is possible.  How??? By searching Facebook and Twitter.

They searched for references to current events posted BEFORE they happened. They figured the only way that could be done is by traveling back in time.  They picked 2 specific events.

The first was Pope Francis becoming the first ever pope named Francis last March. They found 1 mention posted early. It was a Tweet before March. TADA, it must be Time Travel.  But after further review, it was someone speculating on possible Pope names.  Bummer no positive proof of Time Travel.

The 2nd was the comet ISON being discovered in September of 2012. They searched and searched and much like Al Capone's vault....nothing. They said that even though their study bombed, they won't give up. They said "This search might be considered the most sensitive and comprehensive search yet for time travel from the future."

I think they would be better served to join the group from Animal Planet looking for Bigfoot. That show is my daughter Tara's favorite show....OK, mine too.  We tape it and watch it together all the time. We really like the older shows where they have pop up comments from the members of the show but I digress.

I think if you really want to find out more about time, go here.