Did you go to the Carrier Dome on Wednesday night for the final home game for the Syracuse Men's basketball team in the Big East?  It was also Senior night and the final home game for Brandon Triche and James Southerland.  The bigger question is: Is it the final game at the Carrier Dome for Coach Jim Boeheim?

After Syracuse defeated DePaul 78-57, someone tweeted the following. Did I just watch Jim Boeheim's last game in the Carrier Dome? One source says yes. The tweet was accompanied by a link to a post on a Syracuse sports blog, that made this claim:

A source close to DYST Now is reporting that Syracuse director of Athletics, Dr. Daryl Gross is expected to meet with the NCAA about possible NCAA violations from last year's team. Syracuse head coach, Jim Boeheim as a result has also been asked to retire.

The tweet was quickly deleted by SU and added that nothing in the tweet was true or accurate and they apologize for the confusion.  They didn't claim they were hacked, just that it wasn't correct.  The last 2 years most of the problems for the team have been off the court.  Last year was Thad Melo's academic issues and this year it was James Southerland.  There have been reports that Coach isn't crazy about leaving the Big East for the ACC.

I hope that it's not true.  He's been a great ambassador for both basketball and Syracuse University.  To have it end this way, after 50 years with the program would be a shame.  I normally wouldn't think too much of the reports, except that Deadspin was one of the first to report it.  Deadspin was also the first to break the Manti Te'o fake girlfriend story as well.

CUSE has one Big East game left at Georgetown, Saturday at noon and then the Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden next week. We know it's the end of SU Basketball in the Big East, I just hope it's not the end of the Jim Boeheim era as well.