Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry make being Country stars look easy. But it hasn't been; at least for the the last few years.

In 2010, Eddie discovered early, thank goodness, that he had prostate cancer. Right on the heels of his diagnosis came the divorce papers from his longtime wife, Tracey. All this while Eddie and Troy were fighting with their record label, Columbia, to record what they wanted.  So, they left the label, Eddie's marital problems and his cancer behind to start fresh.

Somehow, the duo came through with even more strength and determination to give the fans what they want; a dose of real life through their eyes.  The product is their new album "Rebels On The Run", not to mention a re-energized stage show, which you will see for yourself at the Taste of Country Music Festival!

Their songs are all about life as we know it. Gritty, hard but worth it. Just like they live it too. Where else can you get a picture perfect depiction of hillbilly life, life on the farm or kickin back in a bar and yelling out a request for a favorite song? And their new songs are even more honest, if that's possible. And, yes, "I'll Keep The Kids" is based on Eddie's divorce.

The Southern Rock influence in their sound is no mistake and they bring it on stage too. With hits like "My Town", "Hell Yeah", "Something To Be Proud Of" and my favorite "Some People Change", you can't help but stay on your feet when you see them live.  And Eddie's  mic stand spinning? Too cool!

Their live show is part of the reason Montgomery Gentry were inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in 2009. If you've never seen it you are missing a lot. The thing I like about them live is Eddie and Troy split the songs and share all the energy on stage. it is truly a duo at work.

They created a second chance for themselves and that means you get a second chance to experience Montgomery Gentry.