It's no secret that I'm in love with my Kerug-so much that I've got one for work and one for home.  As a matter of fact, I just visited the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters store and bought a huge box of their pumpkin spice k-cups. I've made coffee and tea and cider and hot chocolate in my Keurig, but soup?

Green Mountain Coffee and Campbell Soup have just announced that they're teaming up to sell soup k-cups. That's right- soup straight from your Kerug into your coffee mug.

These soups aren't expected to roll out until next year, but the idea is that they'll come with the traditional k-cup and a packet of dried pasta and veggies. I guess how it'll work is that k-cup will contain the broth and seasoning and a person would open the packet of dried pasta and veggies and pop them into a mug and then brew the juices from the k-cup into the mug.

Green Mountain says their machines are designed so that the system is cleaned by the brewing process, meaning there wouldn't be a danger of the soup and coffee flavors mixing, but I don't know if I would have to buy a new machine or if the Keurig machines I already have would work.  When I was at the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters store I noticed they've got some fancy new models, so maybe this is what they were working toward.

Green Mountain and Campbell say they'll launch three varieties next year and included will be every sick person's favorite: Chicken Noodle.

As long as I don't have to buy a new Keurig machine, I think I might have to try this when they come out next year.

I've read a bunch of comments from people who are coffee snobs (as I am) who think that this soup in a k-cup form is a disgrace, but for people like me who have exactly 2 minutes between songs to run to the bathroom and/or make something to eat for breakfast, this is heavenly. It'll allow me to not have to pick between the two.  I can run to the bathroom while my soup is brewing and not have to skip breakfast because I picked the potty over the soup.

What do you think about your coffee maker brewing soup too?