Justin Moore has given us so many great songs from Til My Last Day to If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away to Small Town USA and his latest, Point At You and this Friday morning, Glenn and I will be chatting with him.

Justin is going to be performing at the Taste of Country Music Festival next week and we're not only going to get the scoop from him about his performance, but we're also going to be asking him your questions.  That's right!  If you could ask Justin Moore one question, what would it be?

Leave a comment below with your question for Justin by Thursday night and we might use your question when we chat with Justin!

Here are some question thought starters for you:

  • If you were on Fear Factor, what is the one "stunt" that would make you just give up and walk away?
  • Did you ever buy your wife a gift that put you on her "bad list"?
  •  My husband grew up in a small town of 186 people; and around 37 graduating classmates as you did, only he and one other "high school couple" have moved from the area. Do you keep in touch with your classmates? How often do you go home?