From what I’ve heard, "Sharknado" was so ridiculous that it's hilarious and I guess that’s what Syfy exects are banking on.  Word has it they’re hoping for a cult following and that there’s even a sequel in the works.

That’s right, a sequel.  Syfy has released the trailer for their next ridiculous shark related original movie.  It's called "Ghost Shark", and it's about a shark that was killed by a fisherman and comes back from the dead, as a ghost, to exact revenge on the human race.

Apparently, this shark can magically appear in ANY water.  Pools, bathtubs, household hoses- nothing is safe.

“Ghost Shark” features Mackenzie Rosman who played Ruthie on “7th Heaven” and Richard Moll, who played Bull the bailiff on Night Court. “Ghost Shark will premiere on August 22nd.

Here’s a sneak peek: