We finally know who won last month's ginormous $590 million dollar Powerball jackpot.  And it wasn't me. And it probably wasn't you.  Not unless your name is Gloria Mackenzie and you're 84 years old and live in Zephryhills, Florida.

Lucky lady Gloria bought the ticket at a Publix grocery store and let the machine pick the number, which I'm sure doesn't make the guy who was in front of her very happy.  Why?  Because the guy who was in front of Gloria in line kindly let her in front of him and she ended up with the mother-load.

Gloria took the lump sum, so after taxes she's $270 million richer.  After claiming her prize, Gloria and her family drove back to her modest gray duplex across from a cow pasture.  It has a tin sheet roof and an old TV antenna on top.

Gloria decided not to talk to reporters, but one neighbor told them quote, "I hope she gets a better place to live." I think it's safe to say that's definitely gonna happen.

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