I don't know about you, but I like to rip open my presents on Christmas day.  I don't like waiting or shaking to guess what's in the box.  I want to know right away what my present is.  Did you know that the way you open your Christmas present says a lot about your personality?  Check out the ways to open presents below and see if you think this is true:

If you shake your gifts: you are dramatic and love being the center of attention.

If you tear open your presents: You're enthusiastic, aggressive and impatient.  You are a kid at heart (sounds like me!).

If you open your card first: you're thoughtful and considerate.  You care deeply about what people think about you.

If you parade your gifts around for everyone to see: you enjoy being the center of attention and like to make people laugh.

If you open your gifts in private: you sometimes hide your feelings and emotions from other people.

If you wait to see what everyone else got: you're insecure and worry all the time.  You are actually well liked, but you don't think you are.