It's Halloween. I've seen many houses decorated for the occasion. Some are reasonable and some may have taken it just a little too far.

How do you know if you've overdone it? Here are some of the signs:

You spend more on Halloween than your wedding... Both can be scary.

People refuse to walk into your house at night. On second thought, that's not a bad idea.

You scare other family members or neighbors on a regular basis...without meaning too.

You see haunted house decorations with every road kill you cause...I mean road kill you see.

In the past, Tara and I go to a place by our house that covers the front porch with a big tarp for Halloween. If you survive, you can have larvae...or a candy treat.

You may go, YUCK, larvae. But think about it. If I put larvae in my Halloween bucket,  no one steals it and usually they leave everything else alone too.

Happy Hauntoween!