Last week, I was helping men out who were gonna go out on a first date for Valentine's Day and the mistakes not to make.  If you were like me, you were insecure when you first started dating. How do you know if she's into you. Here's how.

5) She calls you before going to bed. If she's talking to you while lying cozy in her pajamas, that's intimate. Don't, I repeat, don't ask what she's wearing or tell her what your wearing while lying in bed.

4) She gets weird when you talk about other women. You mention a woman from work and she turns her napkin into a origami swan.

3) She's stopped saying, "I know someone perfect for you."  She still knows someone....that person is here.

2) When you come over, she looks like she's fixed herself up.  When you called earlier, she was just hanging out watching TV. You stop by a half hour later and BAM, she looks like she's fresh from shower and smells fine.

1) She doesn't ask you to set her up with anyone. She's interested in you.....or you have loser friends.


Think of this as some free advice from a friend. Remember, it's worth what you paid for it.  My question is: Where was this advice when I was swimming in the dating pool?