In the words of Dean Martin and Martina McBride "Baby, It's Cold Outside." It's sad when you go outside and say, "It's not as cold as I thought it was going to be." It was 2 degrees this morning! 2 is a time of day not a temperature.

Two-thirds of the country is being hit with the brutal weather with parts of Florida being brought to a stand still with 2-4 inches of snow. In fact, we've learned a new word because of this weather....Bomb cyclone. It sounds kind of cool but it could be scary if you're not careful. What's a bomb cyclone? Find out here.

Here in the Binghamton area, there is a Wind Chill Warning until Sunday morning at 7 am with wind chills in the -35 range at night. So how do you know it's cold outside. Here's how:

You go to the ice machine and there's a sign that says "You're kidding...right."

Your laptop froze...not the computer but your actual lap.

Your wife's teeth are chattering...and they are still in the glass.

Your heating bill is larger than your mortgage payment...I really, really wish I was kidding about that.

You go to the Binghamton Devils hockey game to warm up. I'll be doing Chuck-a-Puck this weekend by the way.

[via Popular Science]