We all know Vince Gill from his hit songs and supporting vocals work with artists ranging from Kelly Clarkson to Conway Twitty, but there are other things Vince Gill is accomplishing.

For instance; did you know he is still a session guitarist and is on countless albums?Or that as a member of an early band he opened for rock group KISS?

Or that Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits asked him to be a member of that band? Yes, Vince Gill is widely respected.

The thing he is most respected for these days is saving the Country Music Hall of Fame. The Hall was built in 1967, but in 2001 a new landmark building was built to house the gems and history of Country Music. Financial problems began to hit the organization.

Here's the part you didn't know about Vince Gill. As President of the Hall of Fame, Vince created "All for the Hall", a program in which artists give proceeds from their concerts to the Hall. There is also a program for you and me to give "All for the Hall." Gill's idea not only saved the Hall but made it thrive. The big "All for the Hall" concert just announced by Vince and Keith Urban will be in New York City in April.

Vince Gill knows how important the legacy of Country Music is and, like myself, firmly believes that Country Music fans should know and respect its history. If it wasn't for the likes of Hank Williams Sr., Kitty Wells, Bob Wills, Owen Bradley and Chet Atkins Country Music would be what it is today.

Gill is in his tenth consecutive term as President of the Hall. And interestingly, NASCAR President Mike Helton is also now an officer!

Take advantage of all you can learn about Country Music through the many programs the Hall has to offer. There are teaching materials for educators, group programs, those for families and so much more. Pass the torch and "Honor Thy Country Music."! Visit the Hall of Fame's website here.

And now you know. Thank you Vince Gill!