The NSA has been in the news a lot lately. The latest is that President Obama wants to take the NSA out of storing snooping data.  So how do you know if the NSA is checking your text messages? This is how.

5) You just got a message that say's "I heart government surveillance."

4) A mysterious text shows up that say's "NSA rules."

3) You text "The Hawk Lands at Midnight" and you get reply that say's "Where."  If you get that, reply "On my radio." That's what I did....98.1 the Hawk, get it.

2) You see a report on the news about the NSA snooping. A message on your phone say's "No we don't."

1) You get a note from the NSA after your text that say's "Check your auto-correct, I think you mean I hate Mondays not Manboobs."  Although most people don't like those either.

We've also learned that the NSA was collecting 200 million text messages a day.....and that was just at the movie theaters.