I shouldn't laugh, but I can't help it.  My friend Deb has the most precious little grand-daughter Kaylin who is four  years old and wants so badly to be five. I went to dinner with Deb and Kaylin and found myself in an adorable conversation with Kaylin about getting older and how she can't wait to be five. So I asked "Kaylin do you know what will help you turn five?" She didn't.  So I told her "eating all your broccoli all the time will help you turn five."

I think Kaylin misheard me because she cried all that night when she got home because she'd had so much salad that she couldn't bring her self to eat all of her broccoli and thought because she didn't finish it she had no hope of turning five. Kaylin thought I said she had to eat all her broccoli all the time or she wouldn't turn five. I had to assure her that just that once would be okay, but that she needed to make sure to always finish all her broccoli.

This all happened a couple months ago and I'm happy to tell you that four year old Kaylin scarfs down her broccoli every time because "Traci told me it will help me turn five."

There will come a day that your kids will wise up and realize that they'll turn another year older regardless of if they finish their veggies, but if you've got a stubborn kid who refuses to eat her veggies, it can't hurt to try my method.  Don't like to your kid because they'll resent you for it.  Just be vague- "eating all your (corn/broccoli/green beans) will HELP you turn (4/5/6)."  It's worth a try when you've tried everything else and nothing has worked, right?