Do you notice that some of your clothes outlast others?  You may think that discount clothes may not last as long as designer names but actually the care you give your clothes matters more than the name on the tag.

The truth is, everyone expects their clothes to last for a reasonable period of time, especially your jeans. Here are a few tips from, on how to extend the life of your precious fabrics:

#1 - Go easy on detergent.  Check the amount recommended on the bottle and use less.  Remember, they are in the business to sell detergent, you are in the business to save your clothes.

#2 - Turn your clothes inside out.  Washing your clothes inside out will prevent fading and prevent damage.

#3 - Use the delicate cycle.  Everyone feels they have to use the regular or heavy cycle all the time where the "experts" advise the gentle cycle is better for your clothes.

#4 - Never wash denim.  Say what?!  You may have heard Traci talk about this on the HAWK Morning Show.  Once again, according to, home launderers should "spot clean stains off your jeans and when you want to freshen them up, kill bacteria or remove stink, place your jeans in the freezer for a few days secure in a ziploc bag.

#5 -  Line dry.  I know it's a pain the neck, but Mom was right, clothes last longer and smell fresh when you hang your clothes outside.  I still do this today.

I'm not too sure about #4 but it might be worth trying.