The weather lately hasn’t felt like it, but summer officially kicks off a week from Friday on June 21st and that means we’ll be spending a lot more time outdoors.

Unfortunately, spending more time outdoors means run-ins with bees, poison ivy and sunburn.  Fortunately for us, there are some easy fixes.

Bee sting: Scrape away the stinger with a credit card. Don't use tweezers because this will cause the venom to spread. Apply a baking soda and water paste for 20 minutes. Follow with an ice pack and an antihistamine, like Benadryl. If you notice any difficulty in breathing, call 911 immediately.

Poison ivy: Wash the area with soap or alcohol based antibacterial gel. Apply a topical remedy such as calamine lotion or a corticosteroid.

Sunburn: Vinegar has antiseptic properties that kill germs and relieve pain and blisters. Fill a spray bottle with apple cider vinegar and mist all affected areas. Use a vinegar dipped cotton ball to soothe a sunburned face.