It’s officially happened - human beings have finally discovered a way to make the smartphone waterproof.

Samsung has revealed its new Galaxy S5 smartphone, boasting a dust- and water-proof design that protects against any of the unexpected disasters of daily life.

It looks to be like this life-proof design is going to be the future of smartphones, but until you can get your hands on one, what should you do to not only make your phone water-proof, but being that it’s summer-fun-time, how can you keep your phone safe at the beach?

Whether or not you’re the type to get your feet wet, sand and sun are going to be your biggest enemies on vacation this summer and even bigger enemies to your phone. Sand in your phone’s nooks and crannies can be impossible to clean out and harmful to essential features and overheating can run down your battery and shut down your phone.

To keep out the sand, be sure to invest in a quality case that covers the entire phone, especially when it comes to the holes for the speakers, and make sure your hands are dry and sand-free before using the device. Easier said than done, I know, but try. Another smart fix is to keep your phone in a separate, sealed bag such as a pencil case or even a simple baggy. I always keep a baggie in my beach bag and store my phone in it. That way if someone with a wet bum accidentally sits down on my bag, my phone is safe.

Sun is hard enough to keep at bay when it comes to avoiding sunburn, so how can you save your phone? Be sure to keep your device in a bag and out of the sun - storing your bag underneath a beach blanket or chair is the perfect way to guarantee some shade.

To cool down an overheated phone, try putting it in a baggy and storing it in a cooler for a quick recovery from sun-damage, just don't forget to take it out of the cooler because too much cold can be a bad thing. Sheesh, phones are temperamental little boogers, aren't they?

And as for keeping your phone from taking a beating thanks to the water? First of all, try to keep your phone away from the water as much as possible. Store your phone in a plastic or otherwise waterproof bag, and if you just have to take a picture of that boat floating so scenically off shore, make sure you have a waterproof case that covers all your bases - screen, any buttons, and speakers.