If finding love is on your list of resolutions for the new year, there's no more perfect place to find it than at the Hawk's World's Largest Singles Party.

Our party goes down on Friday January 24th from 7pm-11pm at the DoubleTree Hotel on Water Street in Binghamton. Dancing, karaoke, trivia, games and more. Can't hurt to check it out, right? Tickets are $15 in advance, but will cost more at the door, so scoop up your tickets now!

Now on to the important stuff: how you can be so awesome at our singles party that all eyes will be on you. Here are a couple of tips that will stop people in their tracks:

Dress for the party.  The Hawk's World's Largest Singles Party is one of those parties that's right in the middle of the casual/formal line. If you show up in a ball gown or business suit, you're going to look out of place. If you show up in a flannel shirt and work pants, you'll also look out of place. Here's the best advice I can give you: don't wear clothes that your mom or grandma would be embarrassed to see you in.  I've not been in the dating game in years, so I could be wrong on this, but if you dress in what makes you feel most comfortable, you'll find yourself having a better time. I think a happy medium for our party would be a nice pair of khakis or jeans matched with a cute sweater and shoes that aren't scuffed up or worn down.Yet again, there is something about a man in slacks with a button down oxford,loosened tie and semi messy hair....

Toss out your expectations. If you walk in with the idea in your head that you're gonna walk out with prince or princess charming on your arm, you'll be disappointed. Go in with no expectations.  Allow yourself to be open to anything and everything. Don't walk in with blinders thinking that there's only one "type" of person you want to match up with. Go in with an open mind and talk to as many people as you can. You might surprise yourself and find that you're drawn to the last person you thought you'd be.

Be yourself. You might think that you live a boring and completely un-interesting life. Maybe you do. So what? Most of us do. Be honest about yourself and your life. If your favorite thing to do after work is put on sweats and veg out in front of the TV, be real about it. Nothing is worse than connecting with someone who expects you to be a clubber when you're not. Don't change yourself or try to make your life sound more interesting than it is just because you're hoping for love. The truth always comes out eventually.

Get to the party early. You know how people say they show up late to "make an entrance?" You don't want to be that person. If you wait to show up to make an entrance, you might miss your connection what that special someone. You might also get flustered and that could lead to disaster. Showing up early shows that you have good time management. It also gives you time to check yourself out in the bathroom to make sure you look perfect and also grab a drink and your composure.

Be interesting. What does that mean?  That means that leaving a little mystery will make you more appealing than being that person who over-shares. You know the person I'm talking about. They spill every single detail of their live from the time they were born to present day, leaving no mystery, no questions unanswered and nothing more to talk about on a future date. Being interesting also means being a little flirty.  If you're brave, you could give a quick smile to your "target" and then turn away. And above all else, be sure that when you're talking to the person you're interested in to look INTO their eyes. Not at their head, not at their chest, not at your hands. In their eyes.