Janice Di Joseph and her daughter Ricchina are extremely close and as most moms do, Janice wants to give her daughter the best life possible, but there's something a little different about this mother-daughter relationship. Ricchina has Down Syndrome. 

As she started to get older, Ricchina noticed that she's a little different than others and after attending several weddings with her mom, Ricchina would find herself in a funk, extremely sad that she wasn't the one getting married. When she'd ask her mom why she wasn't getting married, Janice never knew what to say. The more Janice thought about it, the more she realized that there was no reason her baby girl couldn't have the day of her dreams. So Janice decided to give her daughter the wedding she's always wanted for her 25th birthday.

Ricchina was surprised on her 25th birthday with a wedding gown, professional hair and makeup, a limo to the reception hall and a party with all of their closest friends and family. The non-traditional “wedding”had all the traditional aspects from the bride's head table, to the garter ceremony, to the first dance, which Ricchina shared with her mom.

I can't help but choke up when I think of how many people spent so much time making sure this precious young woman felt the joy her heart longed for.  This should be a reminder to us all that those with disabilities such as Down Syndrome have the same wants and desires as those without disabilities and should be treated with the same love and respect as the next person.

See the photos from Ricchina's wedding here.