Some survey just showed that 49% of Americans are in some sort of debt.  So 51% of are currently debt free?  That seems high. For all of us who are in debt, the middle of the road amount is just under $39,000. That includes everything from credit cards to mortgages. Wait, wait there's more!

1. 39% of Americans owe money on a house, 38% have credit card debt, 31% have a car loan, 27% have student loans and 21% have medical debt.

2. The average amount of mortgage debt is $60,000, which is the highest. Then it's $9,100 in student loans,  $8,000 in car loans ,$2,000 on credit cards and $600 in doctor bills.

3. Women in the survey were just as likely as men to have student loans they're still paying off. But they had almost twice as much student loan debt as men. $15,000 compared to $8,000.

4. People earning between $100,000 and $150,000 a year are more likely than anyone else to have credit card debt, just under $7,000 on average.

My question is this... where the heck do the people making $100,000 - $150,000 work? Get me in there please!