I’ll never forget the time when I was a kid and my family stayed in a hotel.  We got home and when my mom was unpacking she discovered we accidentally swiped a washcloth.  I thought we were going to be grounded for life because nobody would fess up because none of us could remember “stealing” it.  Luckily for us the hotel was understanding and punishment was avoided.

Most hotel guests admit to taking the small toiletries they find in their rooms like the shampoo and soap, but a new survey says a HUGE number of hotel guest also have sticky fingers when it comes to  the hotel’s towels, bedding and…robes!  I don’t even know how a person would imagine walking away with a robe and not getting caught.

Hotels.com says 35% of hotel guests admit to taking bedding (!!), towels, magazines and things like lamps and artwork(!!!!).

Just 66% of Americans say they have never stolen an item from a hotel room. For Americans, the most commonly stolen item was linens/towels.

How does one walk out of a hotel with say, a lamp?  Really!  Do people just tuck it under their arm and walk out the door? Do they give a “who me?” shoulder shrug when someone spots them and then keep walking on?  As for the bedding, hotels have some of the best pillows around, but my friends tell me it’s because they’re high quality and replaced often and most hotels will let you buy that pillow or comforter you love so much.

So if you’re thinking about pilfering bedding, a robe or furniture, why not ask if you can purchase the item instead of doing the underarm tuck and run?