I saw one of my buddies on the Facebook posted this and a couple of the comments for the pic was:

"I don't think not receiving the type of service you want at a restaurant entitles you to be a douche/act like an infant. This is essentially an adult temper tantrum." ,

"Waiters and waitresses work very hard to get their paycheck. Something like that is extremely immature and rude. Complain to the manager (maybe they'll give you a discount or a free meal) but don't act like a child and make a mess."

Do you agree? Was the ketchup script just a little much, or "serves the waitstaff right, 30 minutes and no waiter/waitress is unacceptable!" I would never have done this... I usually just go find a member of the waitstaff and alert them of my tables presence.

Tell me what ya think!