I’m sure you’ve seen all of the proposals videos on YouTube and it seems like one just ups the last doesn’t it?

Well, apparently the popularity of over-the-top marriage proposals has inspired some guys to shell out as much as $45,000 just to pop the question!


One guy in New York City proposed to his girlfriend on the roof of a hotel (with a $21,000 ring, go figure), then whisked her away in a vintage luxury car for a private dinner at one of the city’s fanciest restaurants.  Then he took her on a two-week proposal honeymoon to Greece and France.

It used to be the proposals were a private thing, but now that everything is being shared on social media it sort of seems like couples are upping the ante.

And women don’t seem to have a problem with over the top proposals. 75% of women surveyed say they want their proposal caught on film.