Last week, David Letterman announced that he was going to retire in 2015. This week, Jay Leno breaks his silence on David's retirement. My question: Is it really silence when it's been less then a week? To me, it's more like he hadn't gotten around to it yet. Here's how David knew it was time to go.

5) Wait a minute Mr. Rooney.  I thought you passed away.

4) What's good enough for Oprah is good enough for him.

3) There is no number 3...He had to go o the bathroom in the middle of this list.

2) The interns are more interested in his son than him.

1) David and Jay can get a 2 for 1 discount if they book into a retirement home at the same time.

By the way, if Craig Ferguson doesn't get his gig, he gets an 8 million dollar payment. A clause in Craig's contract say's that he gets the $8 million dollar payoff if someone else is signed as Letterman's replacement.