You know how when you book a hotel room online, sometimes there's a place where you can put in a special request?  Clearly at some hotels, they're actually reading what you write.

Last month, a guy named Dustin was booking a room at The Woodlands Resort just outside of Houston, Texas.  And he jokingly added a special request . . .

Quote, "Three red M&Ms on the counter.  Not packages, just three single M&Ms.  One for me, one for my girlfriend, and one to split if we get hungry late at night.  And a picture of bacon set on the bed.  I love pictures of bacon."

He forgot about it . . . but when he got to the hotel room, he found they'd actually HONORED HIS REQUEST.  There were three red M&Ms on the counter, and a framed picture of bacon was sitting on the bed.

And Dustin posted photos of all of it online.