So I aired this earlier this evening and it turned out really fun. It was late in the show though, so some of you didn't get a chance to call in with your HORRIBLE BREAK UP LINES!

Below is the story I aired, after reading it comment like wildfire on Facebook!! Tell me your worst break up line you have received or given! Share it with your friends and laugh at your exes on a public forum.  :-)

This is just one columnist's opinion . . . not the results of a survey or anything . . . but supposedly these are the seven worst break-up lines.  And it's hard to argue with the choices . . .


#1.)  "It's not you . . . It's me."

#2.)  "I'm moving . . . so we should break up."

#3.)  "This was incredible . . . but I'm not ready for a relationship yet."

#4.)  "I'm not attracted to you anymore."

#5.)  "I need my own space."

#6.)  "I can't see you anymore, because I think your sister is hotter."  (REALLY? Lord have mercy.)

#7.)  "I can't do this anymore."