While I can't quite celebrate Mother's Day like I used to as my Mom passed away a few years back but I can certainly honor my Dad today.Gary Davison is a wonderful man who I learned a great deal from growing up in the Binghamton area.  When I took him to dinner the other day at his favorite restaurant outside of Mt. Upton, he talked for an hour up and the hour back to town.  He talked about growing up, supporting his family with 5 jobs at one time, being one of Binghamton High's star basketball players, meeting my Mom and driving his convertible around  New York City.

It was nice to hear these stories from a man that has endless memories and worked very hard to support his family.  Now I may not have struggled like my Dad, but I have an appreciation for all he did to make my life so much easier.  I guess this is where I learned to work as hard as possible everyday, to be honest and caring and you will be rewarded.  It's actually a simple formula.  And at breakfast this morning with my Dad, it all came together for me.

Thank you Dad.  Happy Fathers Day to all dads, fathers-to-be and grandfathers.  This Day is yours.  Enjoy your day.