TMZ reports that Honey Boo Boo and her family were injured in a bad car crash on Monday night.

Apparently, Sugar Bear was driving the family when they were hit by a speeding car that ran a red light. Honey Boo Boo, Mama June, Pumpkin and Jessica were all passengers in the car, and were taken to a local hospital.

“As many of you have heard we were in a car accident last night," Mama June said in a statement. "It was really scary for us, since it was the first time any of us had ever been in a wreck. We are definitely really sore today, but our top priority is to celebrate Pumpkin’s birthday. She turned 14 today and no matter how sore we feel we are going to go out and celebrate. As always we want to thank everyone for their support and well wishes.”

According to Pumpkin, who suffered severe chest bruises, Sugar Bear and Mama June sustained back injuries, while Honey Boo Boo had a headache.